How do I Turn Work Friends into Real Friends?

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A little over a month ago, I moved to Colorado from Las Vegas to start a new job. I work in a hospital with a lot of other mid to late 20 years old. I really want to make friends with my new co-workers but am not having any luck. I’ve made a few “office” friendships, where we talk about work and chit chat throughout the day, but I don’t know how to turn my work friends into real friends. I turn 26 in March and I would love to have friends to celebrate with.


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Our Answer:

Friendships are born from common interests. Find activities around your town that you would like to do and bring the activity up when talking to someone who you think might be interested in going with you. If they seem interested, then invite them to go along with you. The only way to move friendships out of the office is to leave the office. You could also take the initiative and throw yourself a welcome to Colorado party. Invite your co-workers and let them know that you would love to make friends. I’m sure you aren’t the only one looking to connect with others. Making friendships as an adult is hard for everyone. Your co-workers will appreciate you planning a get together and making it a little easier for everyone to find real-life friendships.

Best Advice from the Community:

pumpsnpacifiers: Adult friendships are hard but I think with a little effort they should come organically and not be forced

orla.westurn: Invite them out for a few drinks bonding time !! It will work. Some people can’t be there selves at work a change of scenery helps everyone to loosen up

eastcoasterlifestyle: Invite any of them to coffee (starbucks or Dunkin Donut).

_thrivewithstyle: definitely see if y’all have any shared interests! whether it’s something as specific as a sports team or as broad as just liking good food, there’s bound to be something in common.

ourlucaslife: I think sometimes it takes a little time. Maybe look to find friends with similar interests – sports, etc. Good luck!

dihickmanyoga: I’ve found it just happens. Not everyone you work with will turn into a close friend, but when you find the ones that do, they are so worth it!

hey_sharonoox: Adult friendship can be hard but try to find common grounds among your colleagues and work from there.

lifewithginag: Aww. Making friends as an adult can always be a challenge. I would definitely bring up in the chit chats like hey wanna do lunch or coffee sometime. So you can hang outside the office and chit chat about other stuff.

thepeacheepear: Take lunches out of the office together. Plan to go somewhere after work together. Then eventually start hanging out more doing things you guys both like or trying new places.

simplyxclassic: oh wow, this is a hard one. it’s so hard to be friends with adults now. i’d say start off slow with happy hour or shopping?

lipsticknrouge: Things truly happen if it’s meant to be! Sometimes we try too hard and miss what’s right in front of our noses!

eileenlayno: Just take it slow. You will find the right people.

mominbusiness: Just enjoy and relax, let it flow! ♥

ssageadvice: You just have to find things in common that will leave work. Connecting with kids is always great.

marathonsandmotivation: Take them in some delicious goodies, it’s always a great icebreaker!!!

divawithapurpose: I had this conversation with my neighbor recently. Taking others up on those invites to lunch or happy hour after work. Just taking the time to chit chat in the breakroom and opening yourself up to new friendships makes a difference

clementinecounty: It may take time but you’ll find your people!

adventuresinsanantonio: I just left Colorado. Colorado does have a good rec center system. Lots of activities through them. Hikes, classes for foreign languages. Maybe a Facebook group for people that have similar interests, like a certain dog breed. Colorado people are crazy about dogs 🙂

lifethrumumseyes: Take things slow as office friends take long time to become real friends. At times when the right person comes across you in an instant that person will become a close friend

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