Let’s Talk: Taking your kids to MegaCon

Welcome to Let’s Talk where this week we are discussing taking your kids to a Con. If you have a loved one who into a fandom, chances are you are going to go to a convention at some point or another. Cons offer fans a chance to get together and celebrate their fandom. There are usually events, presentations, Q&As and other things where fans can learn more about their favorite show/video game/movie/thing. On the main floor, they can go shopping to find that rare piece of memorabilia for their collection or even get an opportunity to meet their favorite celebrity.

Although cons are usually geared towards older fans, there is usually quite a bit that younger kids can do to have a good time too. MegaCon Tampa had a kids’ activity room and a retro video game room. Other cons I’ve attended have had screening rooms where popular kids shows or movies play. There are fun photo-ops or sometimes little crafts on the main floor. If your kids are fans, they might get excited to meet some of their favorite characters, usually in the form of cosplayers. Your kids might even want to dress up too.



We recently took our kids to MegaCon in Tampa. Here are some tips we came up with to help make attending a con a little smoother for you and yours.

Know the schedule and have a plan

All cons will have a schedule of events posted. The schedule includes events that will be going on throughout the day. Figure out ahead of time which events you want to attend, and then plan your day accordingly. For us, our kids wanted to go to the costume competition because they wanted to see the superheroes. Knowing when that event started helped us to plan the rest of our day.

Show up a little late

This probably sounds stupid, but showing up late can help you avoid the lines and the rush at the beginning of the event. Depending on the popularity of the Con, it can take up to hours to get everyone in once the doors open. If you know the schedule, and you know the events you want to attend aren’t until later, you can plan to show up late and miss the worst of the lines. This is especially good when you have little kids.

Bring Snacks and a water bottle

Sometimes, a con has a food court. Sometimes it has food trucks across the street. Food is often overpriced and lines are usually kind of a pain. But the point is that getting food once inside is not always the easiest thing to do. So, bring a bag with some snacks and an empty water bottle you can fill up at the drinking fountain. Other items it’s not a bad idea to bring: a power bank to recharge your phone (especially if your phone is doubling as your camera), a backpack to carry any swag or memorabilia you purchase, cash (it’s king), and a sharpie (in case you get an impromptu autograph opportunity).

Plan time to walk the main floor

Even if you don’t intend to go shopping, the main floor is usually full of cool photo ops and interesting displays. Our kids were excited to meet some Star Wars droids and also loved a Pokemon themed car. They also got to shoot Darth Maul with Nerf guns

Be Polite to Cosplayers

Cosplaying is a hobby for many people and every con will have its share of them. Our kids were excited to see so many of their favorite characters at the MegaCon we attended. But it is important to remember that cosplayers are just people and that you should always ask politely to take a photo. Some may say no and that should always be respected.

Cons can seem intimidating, especially your first one. But with a little planning, they can be a fun activity for you and your family to attend together.

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15 Responses

  1. Megacon sounds like so much fun!! We have gone to our local comic con a few times and the kids LOVED it. SO much fun!

  2. I would love to go to one of these cons once just to say we did it. I have always been a comic book fan so we could make it a family outing and use your tips.

  3. I’ve never taken them to MegaCon before but it seems like a lot of fun! I’m pretty sure my teens will enjoy going to an event like this! And my youngest will have fun seeing the cosplayers dressed up as her fave characters!

  4. I take my teen to cons and such but it was really stressful taking hr when she was younger. If I had to do it all over again I would just chill and relax and allow myself to be in the moment

  5. What an awesome activity for kids! I bet they had so much fun, it certainly looks like it!

  6. Taylor Aube

    This sounds like so much fun, and I bet the kiddos were in awe at some of the costumes and super heroes. Such a great event for kids!

  7. I have never been to a con but can see how it would be so fun for the kids. All the people dressing up is such a fun atmosphere.

  8. These are some great tips! I would love to take my future kids some day. Their outfits are precious!

  9. I have never been to a comicon but it would be fun. My kids have gotten really into some of the shows/books and I think they would enjoy it too.

  10. I can see how that would be a lot of fun to take the whole family to! Wow! I wish we lived closer!

  11. I’m not big on crowds but if I kids were really into comic books and superhero, or Cosplay I would absolutely take them to a Con. It’s always fun to indulge their passions.

  12. This is great! My husband just asked if we should look into taking our daughters to a festival like this. They are two and eight and would love seeing all the characters in costume.

  13. My kids would love to go to an event like this! Using these tips, could make a visit more enjoyable for all.

  14. I’ve never gone to any con like this but my kids would love to do something like this (not so much me!) I’d love for my husband to take them so this is great and useful info we can keep in mind!

  15. This looks like it would be such a great time! I would love to take my kids to something like this.

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