Let’s Talk Spider-Man: Homecoming

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First, a little background information:

In 2007, Sony Pictures released the cinematic abomination known as Spider-Man 3, aka the Spider-Man movie we as a society agreed to pretend didn’t exist. One short year later, Marvel released Iron Man, the first film in its new Marvel Cinematic Universe. In order to raise the money for the first slate of Avengers movies, Marvel took out a loan, using the movie rights to those characters as collateral. Now I’m not saying they took that huge risk as a direct response to the terribleness of Spider-Man 3, but it totally could have been.

In 2012, Sony Pictures rebooted Spider-Man with The Amazing Spiderman which did well enough to warrant a sequel, but wasn’t all that great either. At that point, Sony presumably got tired of Marvel printing money with its successful film releases while the Spider-Man franchise printed considerably less money. They made a deal with Marvel, allowing Spider-Man to finally appear in the MCU, and for Sony to distribute the Marvel Studios made Spider-Man: Homecoming to be released earlier this month. In addition to just loving Spider-Man, geeks everywhere are rooting for the movie because if it makes a ton of money, maybe 20th Century Fox will come to their senses concerning the Fantastic Four and make a deal with Marvel so we can finally have a good Fantastic Four movie.

Now the review,

The movie itself is quite funny, and another solid entry to the MCU. It feels a little inconsequential in the scheme of things because most of it is about Peter Parker finding his way as a neighborhood hero while balancing that with school and his teenage life. As a result, the stakes never seem that big, despite a good villain turn by Michael Keaton as the Vulture. This movie seemed to be more about setting the stage for upcoming appearances in the MCU as much as anything. Spider-Man is scheduled to appear in Avengers: Infinity War and then later as the first movie of the MCU’s Phase 4. But despite that, it still managed to be my personal favorite Spider-Man movie.

The movie also contains quite a few call backs to the previous films, including a reference to Spider-Man’s iconic upside-down kiss. There is also the usual slew of Easter eggs. One of the best ones was the inclusion of Aaron Davis, Miles Morales’ uncle (Miles Morales grows up to be another Spider-Man). One of the worst ones was when Peter’s acquaintance Michelle tells him that her friends call her MJ (a reference to Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker’s future wife). There are also several other Easter Eggs your nerd may have noticed, such as the introduction of Spidey villain the Scorpion in the mid credits scene and a Korean church named the Church of Asgard.

Hopefully this gives you something to talk about with the comic lover in your life!

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