Dark Chocolate Bark

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I recently discovered Bark Thins Snacking Chocolate and have become a little obsessed. I decided to try to make my own and was pleasantly surprised by how delicious this simple recipe turned out. Dark chocolate offers a ton of health benefits, including cancer prevention, lower blood pressure, and is an anti-oxidant rich superfood. All of those reasons, plus the fact that it tastes amazing, make these Dark Chocolate Bark Cookies the perfect dessert.



  1. Melt one bag of dark chocolate

Add in 2 tbsp (or how ever much you prefer) of milk chocolate to make it a little sweeter.

2. Spoon chocolate onto wax paper.

One bag of 10 oz chocolate will make 15 – 20

3. Add your toppings.

The three types I made were

  1. Tropical Fruit Mix-  dried papaya, raisins, dried pineapple, and dried cranberries. I used Tropical Trail mix (minus the banana chips) and cut the papaya and pineapple pieces smaller.
  2. Almond Joy- sliced almonds and shredded coconut
  3. Fruit and granola- Nature Valley Toasted Oats Museli is my favorite granola to use.

4. Leave chocolate out at least 4 hours to harden.

This homemade recipe produces chocolates that are softer and thinner than the Bark Thins. If you prefer a snack with a little more crunch, try freezing the cookies instead of letting them stay out to harden.

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