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Welcome to Let’s Talk where we will be discussing the newest DC movie offering, Wonder Woman. The character of Wonder Woman was first created in 1941 and has long been considered one of DC’s big three (along with Batman and Superman). Since then, there have been a total of 8 Batman and 8 Superman movies released in theaters. That is not counting the 2016 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which those 2 characters shared top billing. And it also doesn’t include the animated theatrical releases of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and The Lego Batman movie. Green Lantern, Steel, and the Watchmen have all had a movie since then.  Even Jonah Hex got a movie before Wonder Woman.

So, believe me when I say, it is about damn time that Wonder Woman got her own movie.

Incredibly, this movie marks the first time since comic book movies took over the world that a female superhero has been the lead of a comic book movie (We agreed as a society to forget about Catwoman, right?). Also, incredibly, it marks the first time a female director has directed a studio backed superhero movie as well. And what a movie it turned out to be. It is easily the best movie thus far in DC’s rebooted cinematic universe. It may have even saved it. Whereas Man of Steel and Batman v Superman were dark and broody and dreary, Wonder Woman mixes humor and comic book heroics to create an experience that really brings the, um, wonder.


The movie begins on Themyscira, Wonder Woman’s home island of badass warrior women known as Amazons. As an interesting side note, many of the women warriors were played by professional female athletes, so they are badass in real life too. On the island, Diana is trained in the arts of fighting until one day a man falls into the ocean. She saves his life and learns of the first World War that is occurring in the outside world. Believing that Ares, the God of War, is behind it, she leaves the island to hunt down Ares and end the war. Her inexperience with men and the outside world lead to a lot of funny bits through this part of the movie as she makes her way to the war front.

Once there, she leads the charge against German occupying forces to rescue a small town called Veld. I don’t know what it was about this scene, but this has already become one of my personal favorite comic book movie scenes ever.  I think it’ll be the scene everyone remembers about this movie 10 years from now.  After being doubted by just about everyone throughout the first part of the movie, this scene is where she makes believers out of every one of them. It is truly inspiring as the battle unfolds and the stakes escalate to see Wonder Woman begin to really get a sense of how powerful she actually is.

Anyways, Diana eventually finds Ares and they have a big fight. The movie suffers a little bit here though. As amazing as the rest of the movie is, it devolves into the standard comic book movie ending of superhero vs. super villain with lots of explosions and special effects. And sadly, Ares is very much lacking in the super villain category which contributes to this being the weakest part of the movie.

But I hope this gives you a little bit to talk with your comic book nerd about this movie. Really, though, you should just go see it. If your nerd hasn’t already gone to see it, just go see it with him or her. Even if they’ve seen it, they’d probably go again. Or go and take your daughters because even though it took Hollywood a while to realize it, women can be superheroes too. Of course, if you’re a mom, you already knew that.

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  1. Stephanie

    I’ve got to see this movie! I have a super spirited little girl and this would be great to watch.

  2. Oh yes, I have been checking on their schedules for India , since I’m getting over crazy to watch it with my little one!

  3. I haven’t seen the movie yet- but I’m so excited to see this. My daughter has just started her superhero phase, so we have a lot of the DC girls action figures. I can’t wait to take her to see this.

  4. I haven’t seen the movie yet. I so much want to take my daughter along. She just love Marvels superheroes. I hope she likes this one too.

  5. Wow, sounds like a cool movie. I’m loving all the comic book movies coming out right now! Dr strange was my favourite so far. Look forward to watching this one.

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