5 Tips to Save Big on Your Vacation this Summer

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1) Ask about a resort preview rate

A resort preview is basically where you sit through a timeshare sales pitch in exchange for a HUGE discount. The pitch is usually no more than 2 hours and you are under no obligation to buy anything. We have gotten VIP access, 4 nights stays for the price of 1 night, and even free stays just for showing up.

To find hotels offering a resort preview promotion you can either call or visit the website of the hotel you would like to stay at or visit the cities tourism website and search for timeshare promotions. Here is the website for Orlando’s current timeshare promotions. Be sure to read the list of requirements to make sure you are eligible before booking.

2) Buy packages

If you are travelling and you already know what activities you want to do, see if your hotel offers any packages that include tickets with your stay. For example, a ticket to Disney World costs $99 but with this package you get a 3 day 2 night stay plus 2 tickets to 1 park in Disney World for $199. Groupon also offers great packages and free attraction tickets with hotel stays.


3) Find where kids eat free

So many restaurants offer free kids meals after a certain time and it is a great way to save money while traveling. Check out this list of 63 restaurants that offer free or discounted kids meals. Select Cities also honor this Kids Eat Free Card which you can purchase for $25 (sometimes even cheaper on Groupon or other discount sites). An even better way to save money on food is to stay in a room that has a kitchenette or full kitchen, this way you can make a few meals for yourself, save leftovers, and keep cold drinks on hand.

4) Find a resort that has worthwhile amenities

Pools are nice but water parks are better. You are already paying for a room so it only makes sense to find a hotel that also has amazing entertainment. While price comparing, resorts with amenities such as mini golf, water parks, and paddle boats usually aren’t that much more expensive then hotels that just have a little pool and gym.


5) Compare flights

I’m not just talking about Kayak.com, you need to go even deeper. Try some of these sites to find the cheapest flights available.
Secret Flying
The Flight Deal
Rome 2 Rio


I hope you have a great time traveling this summer and save BIG!

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20 Responses

  1. Robin Rue

    I Love places where kids eat free. We are going to Disney again this august and we got in on the free dining promotion! Squee!!

  2. Awesome tips right here! Research​ is key and it’s important to make sure that you compare as well. I think these tips will definitely help people save more this season!

  3. These are great tips! We are finally getting to take advantage of kids eating free! These are great sites for checking out flight prices though-saving this!

  4. I am glad I am not the only one who wants to shop around a little to save when on vacation. Those free kids meals are a great idea I definitely will try to find them.

  5. That preview rate sounds awesome! I will have to be on the lookout for things like that when we plan our next vacation!

  6. Packages are a great way to save especially since you’re traveling with a group. It’s important to compare and check out deals from different companies! I think these tips will help out.

  7. With 3 boys, we always look for places to stay where we can eat a good, healthy breakfast for free to start the day, or at least a place with a little kitchen. That Disney deal is fabulous!

  8. I think it is so smart to find a hotel where your kids will love the amenities like water park that are included in the price. I have never done the time share thing because I have a horrible time saying no to people but I think it can be awesome if you are super strong and able to say no.

  9. Jeanine

    Great ideas! This is something I have really been thinking about and wish I could do this summer. Maybe next though, since we are planning to move this Summer

  10. I never knew to ask for a preview rate! Great idea! I need to look into these, maybe it will make a summer vacation possible!

  11. some fantastic ideas for staying on budget this summer! It can be really expensive to go on holiday so I am always looking for ways to save!

  12. Very smart tips. I think people forget how many great packages are available online. They can save you so much money while also providing access to great locations.

  13. I’ve always loved going to resorts with lots of amenities. It makes the trip so much more fun and more of a value.

  14. I always love going to all inclusive resorts because if it’s a big group of you guys then you end up saving more, or at least I think so, especially the all inclusive drinks lol good times!

  15. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips to find a great deals on resorts. I agree to buy group packages to have more discounts.

  16. So many great tips!!!! I’m all about searching for killer deals on flights. It can really save a ton if you do your research

  17. I’ve heard that seaching for flights in an incognito or private browser can help you save money, because if you search more than once, that information might be cached and airlines might up their prices if they know you’re interested! Buggers…

  18. Comparing flights would definitely save you big. Even selecting the less traveled day will save you more than 50% at times! Great tips!

  19. Great tips! I just saving money whenever we travel! That way, we can travel even more often!

  20. These are very helpful tips that I will definitely save for later. I never knew about a preview rate. That is very nice to know.

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