5 New Mom Must Haves No One Told You About


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I thought I was prepared for my first few weeks postpartum after delivering my first child. I had all the essentials that my baby needed like diapers, clothes, and swaddle blankets. However, no one told me that I needed diapers as well. Unfortunately, new Moms aren’t properly prepared to take care of themselves postpartum. It is so vital that new Moms have the tools necessary to ease the discomfort of after birth and here are the five must haves every new Mama should know about.

1) Adult Diapers

Most women will continue to bleed for about 3 weeks after giving birth.The hospital will provide you with mesh underwear and a few HUGE pads. These are uncomfortable and not practical if you plan on getting dressed and leaving the house. The best solution is to buy adult diapers. This way you don’t have to worry about pads moving around or having a huge noticeable bulge on your bum.


2) Perineum Care

As you can imagine your downstairs is a little sore, having pushed a human through it and all. Using the bathroom may be painful, especially if you tear and require an episiotomy. The hospital or birthing center will send you home with a perineal bottle, which is essentially just a water bottle, to use to help you clean up after you use the restroom.

These will not offer much comfort. However, Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics makes 3 products that will offer a soothing relief.

 Bottom Spray –  a cooling, soothing mist that helps to ease the discomfort of postpartum vaginal soreness and swelling.

Bottom Balm– Helps relieve discomfort from prenatal and postpartum hemorrhoids, vaginal swelling and bruising, perineal tears, and episiotomies. This can also be used as a diaper rash cream for your new baby.

Postpartum Bath Herbs–  herbal pads that provide a soothing and comforting relief for both prenatal and postpartum bottoms.

3) Nipple Cream

Breast feeding hurts… badly. During the first few weeks of breastfeeding your nipples will become very raw and maybe even crack and bleed. There are creams and ointments available to help ease the pain and offer protection as your breasts adjust to breastfeeding. These creams do not need to be removed prior to breastfeeding and are extremely helpful.

HPA Lanolin 

This ointment is safe for babies and is the most common nipple cream used by breast feeding mothers.

Natural Nipple Butter

Earth Mama Angel Baby has created a natural organic plant based, lanolin free alternative.


4) Pain Killers

After birth, you may experience contraction like pain as your uterus shrinks and returns to its proper location. Before you deliver, research what types of pain killers you are comfortable taking and how much. You don’t want to suffer more than you have to and you also don’t want to let the pain make you make a decision that you will regret later. Here is a list of drugs that are considered safe to take while breastfeeding.  You can also try this Organic Monthly Comfort Tea to ease cramping.


5) Confidence



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31 Responses

  1. Robin Rue

    That bottom balm sounds awesome. You are so right about how sore things are down there and no one tells you about that before you have the baby…..

  2. HA! I love that you dove into the NOT SO PRETTY aftermath of having kids – NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS PART…. And this is the part we ALL need and want to know!

  3. The adult diapers! They were a real lifesaver after I had my 2nd, and the bottle. I had a C-section with my 1st, but the 2nd was vaginal and it was like my first child and I had no idea what to expect as far as postpartum care.

  4. Oh my goodness, you just brought back a wave of the aftermath memories I honestly had completely forgotten. All you remember are those sweet precious babies.

  5. OMG adult diapers, why didn’t I think of this when I had my two wee ones? That is such a great idea! Those mesh underwear thingies are the worst!

  6. I wish those ointments and creams were around when I gave birth! I love that you shared your best ideas. I know a lot of moms and moms-to-be will benefit!

  7. Chanel van Reenen

    Reading this post definitely makes me glad I’m not having anymore kids but I do wish that some of these items were available to me when I had given birth!

  8. Jeanine

    After 7 babies I never thought to do adult diapers. That is pretty clever. I think if I ever have another baby, adult diapers it will be!

  9. This is a fantastic list. I have a few new mamas I will pass this along to!

  10. Kristina

    I never used adult diapers but hell after the next one I may need them! Nipple cream is great and I loved the warm water in the bottle to use for perinium care!!

  11. I def plan on having kids in the next few years and I already find myself reading up on tips for new parents. I’ll be bookmarking this page for later as I’m sure this will be my future! I’m so glad you’ve found a few products to help with motherhood!

  12. I don’t have kids myself so I wouldn’t have thought about most of these things myself. I bet adult diapers aren’t comfy x

  13. Yeah, no one tells you about this stuff at all. Probably best not to know until you’re in the thick of it. You might change your mind about having a baby…lol

  14. No one tells you about this stuff. I am not a mom but many of my friends are. They would agree with this 100%

  15. I think you made a good resource for new mothers out there.
    There are a lot of good points here that are not always the easiest to talk about.

  16. Such a helpful resource. It’s great to see so many products to help ease some of the pain after birth.

  17. Saving for when I have a bundle of joy of my own!! Thank you for the tips 🙂

  18. I never in a million years would have thought to use adult diapers. I remember that ginormous bulky pad! I had a c-section, but I still had a lot of bleeding after. PLUS I had bleeding from my incision, so I had to keep pads against my belly, too! I was a walking pad!

  19. This resource was so helpful! I need to keep these in mind when I have a little one. Huge s/o to mamas!

  20. Elizabeth O.

    I used maternity sanitary napkins after I gave birth. I think an adult diaper would have been easier to use. These are lovely items for new moms.

  21. These would be nice gifts for new moms before or immediately after their new bundle of joy arrives. I have no experience with giving birth myself but it’s nice to know what moms need.

  22. Oh my goodness isn’t this truth!!!!! After I had my VBAC I was astounded that I needed Perineum Care AND genius idea about the adult diapers.

  23. I’ve heard about the adult diapers and during and after pregnancy since the woman pees a little while laughing. But thank you for the heads up for whenever my time does come. Expectations vs reality

  24. I had adult diapers after i gave birth to my kids. And confidence? Oh yes! I got baby! 😀

  25. Oh these are really helpful especially to all new moms. I will definitely tell this to my sister-in-law.

  26. Great suggestions. Oh the joys of new mommyhood. Being prepared really could help set a new mom up for an easier time!

  27. I had never heard about any of this before! It makes me wish I had gotten a few of these things for my cousins before they gave birth because I doubt they knew either.

  28. These are great tips. New moms really need to find their own groove to be comfortable so there’s no book or guide to fully prepare them. But this is a great list to make sure the basic medical needs are covered!

  29. This is a great post for new moms. I didn’t know that I would continue to bleed for so long after giving birth.

  30. I remember having used these myself. I ust shared your post with a couple of my friends who are expectant moms.

  31. Wow supper interesting I don’t have kids so I am so saving this post for when that time comes. My sisters have had kids but I don’t think they new about these. Thanks for sharing all this with us very helpful for new mommies and for future mommies 🙂

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