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Quotes of the Week:

Laughs of the Week:

Sorry I Didn’t Respond To Your Text! I Get Overwhelmed By Simple Tasks


Watch A Perplexed Beaver Become The Accidental Leader Of 150 Cows

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Feel Goods of the Week:

97-Year-old Fulfills Lifelong Dream, Becomes Firefighter For a Day

Boy, 9, Pays Police Officer’s Breakfast Tab With a Note: ‘I Want to Be You When I Grow Up’

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This teacher raised enough money to buy new bikes for each student in her school

“Blomquist, 34, teaches at North Charleston’s Pepperhill Elementary School, where many of the students live in poverty. Last year, one of her students mentioned how much he wanted a bike for his birthday. His parents couldn’t afford to buy him one, and neither could she.
“I started thinking about all the other kids who might not have bikes. We take a lot for granted and we forget that there’s a large category of kids out there who don’t have bikes,” she said. “That was such a large piece of my childhood memories, and I immediately thought, ‘oh, they’re not getting that!’”
In September, Blomquist started a “Every Kid Deserves a Bike!” GoFundMe page and set a $65,000 goal, enough to buy bikes and helmets for the 650 students at Pepperhill. Within three months, she had raised more than $82,000.”
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Conversation Starters and Fascinating Facts:

1) Even though Froot Loops are different colors, they all have exactly the same flavor

2) In 2013 the cost of minting pennies and nickles exceeded their value and taxpayers lost $105 million. Last year it cost $46 million to mint pennies

Read about it here and here

3) A U.S. park ranger named Roy C. Sullivan who was considered on of the luckiest men in the world for surviving being struck by lightening seven times, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

4) The word “lethologica” describes the state of not being able to remember the word you want.

5) At one point, very briefly, you were the youngest person on the planet.

6) The Quokka is considered the happiest animal in the world by many.

Weekly Round up:


Huffington Post’s Funniest Tweets

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26 Responses

  1. That’s so motivating! I love the quote on if the door is not opening it’s not your door! Glad to see such content to get the extra push

  2. Robin Rue

    I love all of these quotes! That one from Dr. Seuss is my favorite here 🙂

  3. Great quotes. I really feel like the one with the people say lol, but their face looks like…I see my daughter (she’s 17) texting lol to her friends, and that’s her actual reaction. HA.

  4. I love this! I love having quotes to help me through the week, such a great idea! The funny tweets are awesome also!

  5. I really like the quote about “If it doesn’t open its not your door”. I never thought about it that way but it is so true.

  6. Kristina

    Love the quotes! The Eddie Murphy one about “LOL” really did make me LAUGH OUT LOUD! These are very inspirational quotes. Especially the Dr. Seuss quote.

  7. Jeanine

    Great quotes to start the week off right. It’s good to start Monday on a positive note so the rest of the week runs smooth and goes great! Very inspirational too!

  8. Aw! How lovely that the 97 year old was able to fufil his dream of becoming a firefighter for a day, that is truly inspiring x

  9. I love all of these! This is such a great post to kick off the week with! My favorite quote that you have posted is “The broken will always be able to love harder than most. Once you’ve been in the dark, you learn to appreciate everything that shines.” That quote speaks to my soul and heart. Thank you so much for sharing this post!

  10. Journa Ramirez

    “You have to be odd to be number one.” This quote is so powerful and it reminds me that being odd is not bad at all.. I love this post.. A great Monday, indeed..

  11. Elizabeth O.

    I would love to meet a Quokka someday and just melt from its cuteness! It does look like the happiest animal on Earth! I loved the quotes as well, very motivating!

  12. What a fun post that’s full of positive vibes! I really appreciate this because I wanted a little more motivation. Thanks for the good read!

  13. This is a really fun post. I love the quotes, and the laughs are really funny! The feel good stories are great as well! I love that little boy with the cop, that was just too sweet!

  14. Whenever I’m having a rough week, reading feel good stories always makes me feel better. It’s nice to see humanity and kindness still exist.

  15. Some really great quotes! I love how they can change your thinking and make you reflective. You’ve foud some fab stories too about really lovely people!

  16. I really love these motivational quotes. I think this is how I need to be starting my monday off every week, so that I feel positive vibes.

  17. Love this! What a great way to start the week! I really love the Dr. Seuss quote. I’m definitely an odd little duck, so that must make me #1!

  18. Motivating quotes definitely help me throughout the day. Now that it’s halfway through the week being motivated helps me look forward to the weekend.

  19. I love this list! It’s inspiring! Love the firefighter 97 year old! That is amazing!

  20. What a great start to the week! I’m not sure I’ve heard the fun fact about the word meaning you can remember the word you’re looking for.

  21. i just love reading some motivational quotes and yes i badly need it every monday. haha! thank you for sharing!

  22. Katrina gehman

    i love the if the door doesn’t open, it’s not yours. that is so true!

  23. I love reading motivational quotes and funny meme. I even save what I really like because it’s a great reminder to be positive and be light about life.

  24. How true are these quotes, especially the third quote. I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  25. I love the first quote — you have to be odd to be number 1! I wish people were more open when I was younger to the wonders of oddities in children.. The world is so much more open minded now. Not completely, but we are getting there.

  26. Mondays can be tough but it is nice to conquer the week with a good horoscope and a few funny memes!

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