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The Woman Giving Refugee Kids Free Lawyers

and two other people advocating for immigrants and refugees



Meet three people who are taking action to help refugees. Regardless of how you feel about immigration, the truth is, people are here and they need our help. Sending them away is an option but so is helping to change their lives for the better. Read full article from Yes Magazine.

Customer Admires Chick-fil-A Employee So Much, He Built Him a New Home


Waitress Surprises Breastfeeding Mom Struggling Through Breakfast

She received a handwritten note and another sweet surprise.

“I felt like she was there on my journey the whole time, and she knew how many times I wanted to give up but I didn’t,” she wrote. “So often, before I feed Charlotte in public I get a twinge of fear. ‘Okay, this is the time. Someone is going to harass me. They are going to yell at me. Someone is going to tell me I can’t do this here.’ But not today. Today I got love, respect and a free pancake.”
Read full article from Huffington Post.


Huffington Post Funniest Tweets from Parents Weekly Roundup

Six Pack Mom @Six_Pack_Mom
5pm, to kids: “Stop complaining that there’s nothing good to eat here! Have some fruit!”
11pm, to self: “There’s nothing good to eat here.”
Read on more Huffington Post


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