5 Pros of being an Introverted Parent

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Most kids are naturally extroverted. They want to constantly be around others and have very little need for alone time. If you are an introvert, parenting small children (and all of the duties that come with it) can often feel like your worst nightmare come true. You may even begin to feel bad about all of the things you simply can’t do for your child. Depending on how much of an introvert you are, simple tasks such as play dates and Birthday parties can feel overwhelming and you may need to limit the amount you attend. Parenting when you are an introvert is definitely challenging. However, there are major pros too!  Here are my top 5:

1) I don’t suffer from loneliness

Read any comment section of any article about being a stay at home mom and moms will begin to explain how the hardest part is the loneliness. Some will complain about how they haven’t talked to another adult besides their spouse in weeks. Others might even say that they love going to the store just to have a conversation with the checkout clerk. As an introvert, I can’t relate. The lack of daily adult interaction is a huge bonus for me. In fact, when I go to the grocery store I try to avoid eye contact just so no one is under the impression that I want/need to have a friendly adult conversation.

2) You watch your kids more closely

At parks and play dates, most moms seem to just want to catch up with the other moms. So they tend to miss when little Jimmy pushed 3 kids down or that little Susie almost ran into the street. I’m not judging. I think Moms should have a moment to relax and hang out with their friends. But because I’m not that interested in chatting with other Moms, I’m usually looking for an out when I’m having a conversation with other moms, and my kids provide the perfect exit. “Oh you want to talk about what brand diapers are the best? Sorry my kid is going the wrong way up the slide, be right back.”

 3) You understand that your working spouse needs to unwind

A lot of times stay at home parents can’t wait for their spouse to arrive home so they can catch up and hear all the office drama or just have a conversation with someone who isn’t begging for snacks. However, most people, introverts or not, need a moment to unwind after working a full day. As an introvert I totally get that and am happy to give my husband his space.

 4) I can fake enthusiasm

Kids aren’t all that interesting. But for me, most adults aren’t all that interesting either. Because I spend the majority of my life pretending to be interested in what the other people are saying, I am a natural when it comes to talking to kids. My best skill is probably being able to insert the right laugh or ‘no way’ at the perfect time, without having any idea what we are talking about.

 5) I don’t feel guilty about alone time

So many parents complain about never being without their kids. Once kids outgrow naps, many parents just feel guilty taking a break from them. Well, not this Mama. I know that I need time to myself. I’m a better mom and just an overall more pleasant human being when I take a moment to de-stress and recharge. So naps and quiet time are a must at our house. I honestly can’t even fathom feeling guilty about it because I know what it would do to me and my children mentally if I didn’t take care of myself.
Are you an introvert? Have you found any pros?

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19 Responses

  1. robin Rue

    Well, my husband does work all day, but then takes an hour train ride home, so that is his time to unwind. When he gets home, he pitches in.

  2. I love this post! As an introvert and pregnant I can’t wait to have kids to be with them not the other moms! When my hubby gets home he will get some time to himself but he will miss us too much to spend too much time apart!

  3. I didn’t think what it would be like for introverts as parents since we have to be so “out there” but love your ideas/tips here

  4. I am to a degree, I can be alone and happy for long periods of time, then I just have to get out and socialize!

  5. Reesa Lewandowski

    I am very much an introvert, but yet I have to say it causes me profound loneliness. It’s a constant battle wanting to be with people and wanting to stay home!

  6. All of these are the complete opposite of me. I wish I wasn’t as lonely as I feel some days…but then again, some days I don’t want to see anyone else lol

  7. I would say that many people think that I am an extrovert as I can fake enthusiasm like yourself but in reality large social scenarios make me feel awkward and although I love interacting I love alone time too. I guess I am somewhere in the middle, if it is smaller crowds like one on one then I am fine but larger crowds and I wish that I was back at home lol xx

  8. I can totally relate! I am an introvert, and I prefer being at home alone. I homeschool so that’s not possible, because my daughter is an extrovert, so I know that it’s important for her to be in her element. I go to weekly meet ups and field trips, and it’s so hard on me. I can’t wait to get back home!

  9. Haha this is so me at the park. I’m so focused at what my sons doing or what he’s picking up that I don’t even conversate with the other parents. #fail

  10. I totally agree with you! I am an introvert and I’m happy to just chill by myself after my son goes off to do his thing. I rarely feel lonely. I also totally agree with the ability to fake interest, lol.

  11. I feel like I totally relate to a lot of these points. Yay for being introverted!

  12. Is there a fine line in between? I think that’s me…the in between lol

  13. I’m an extrovert, but number 4 speaks to me! I’m a nanny so I know exactly what to say when it’s a) not interesting or b) I don’t understand haha!

  14. Some great points there are some major differences between introverted and extroverted personalities so I guess it is only normal that parenting differences between the two. It’s great that you can see the positives.

  15. This is such a great read – especially because I’m a real introvert and although I’m not a mum I can totally relate to all of these. And I never feel guilty about alone time either haha x

  16. I’m not an introvert but it definitely would have its perks being at home with your babies.

  17. I definitely do not feel guilty about alone time. I love it! These are great!

  18. I am definitely an introvert – although when my husband gets home it is often my time to retreat to have a little quiet. I am trying to be better about self-care this year and incorporating a rest time for my older kids while the baby naps (we homeschool). A little quiet during the day helps tremendously!

  19. Brittany

    I became much more of an introvert after I had my kids. I became so focused on them and realized I’d rather be home with them then out with other people.

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