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Paraplegic Man and Fiance Have the Best (Unexpected) Pregnancy Announcement Ever 


Amanda Diesen and Todd Krieg always assumed that they would need medical intervention to concieve. So when they found out they were expecting, they knew they needed to commemorate this miraculous gift! Here full article and watch video here.

Student Showered with Compliments after she Courageously Admits to having Low Self-esteem


A young woman admits to her classmates that she has always felt ugly because of her darker toned skin. Her classmates offer her support by taking 10 seconds to shower her with compliments. It’s amazing what 10 seconds of praise can do. Read full article and watch video here

Eating alone at school: 4 Florida students seek to end isolation

Four Boca Raton High School students noticed that several of their fellow classmates were eating alone. In an effort to help, they started a club where they seek out students who sit alone at lunch and join them. They’ve gathered about 100 followers since the beginning of the school year and plan to expand it to other schools. Read full article here


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