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We love hearing, reading, and sharing your stories. We are currently collecting stories for our Choose Love Series.
What is the Choose Love Series?
Each Sunday we post a story about a time in someone’s life when they had to choose love. The message we hope to convey is that love is an everyday conscious choice and that although it is sometimes difficult, it is a choice that should be made. It is a very broad topic and is open for interpretation.
Some examples are:
Body Positivity- learning and/or choosing to love and appreciate yourself.
Forgiveness- learning and/or choosing to love through forgiveness and second chances
Relationships- learning that sometimes love fades and you have to work to re-kindle it.
Really anything goes, as long as the message of the story is positive. You can read stories from our series here.
How it works:
You will submit a story or multiple stories for review.
Our editor will proof-read your article for grammatical errors and send it back to you.
You of course have final say and whatever you send back is what we will post.
You have two options, either to post anonymously or receive full credit.
If you would like to receive full credit, please provide links to your website and all social media accounts, you may also submit pictures.
We will alert you the week before your post goes live, so you can look out for it.
You are free to promote your writing but we ask that you link back to our website.
We also ask that you wait 30 days before offering your story to any other publications or posting it on your own website.
Send all submissions to:
With “CLS” in the headline


Looking forward to reading your story!

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