Tips for Attending the Special Olympics

We spent Saturday at the Special Olympics in Florida. Attending an event is such an easy and enjoyable way to offer support to your local Special Olympics. Here are few things to know before you go.
  1. It’s free
There was a ‘Tickets Available’ link on the Florida Special Olympics Facebook page but when clicked on, it just went back to the Special Olympics Website. We arrived unsure if we needed to purchase tickets. However, it is completely free to enter and attend all of the events.
2. Arrive early
The program is split into a morning and an afternoon session. We attended the afternoon session and feel like we missed out on a lot. The complex was pretty empty by the time we arrived. The morning session also has the Little Elites, which are the younger athletes and the activities young children would probably be the most excited about watching.
3. Don’t arrive during the lunch break
There is an hour- two hour lunch break scheduled between the morning and afternoon sessions. Almost all of the events will closed during this time.
4. Cheer loudly
Although the Special Olympics does need monetary support, the athletes just need you. They work so hard and are so proud of themselves after each performance, if you go, let them know you are proud too. Cheer, stand up, and offer as much support as you can
5. There are several events to attend
I used to think that the Special Olympics was something that just happened a few times a year. Now I know that it is an Organization that produces several events all year long. Check your states calendar and I’m sure they have an event you can attend soon.
Hope these tips help! If you attend an event and post a picture online, use #didsomething so we can all see!!




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