My Kind of Monday

Riddle of the Week:

Q: What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?
A: Your name


Quote of the Week:


Dad Joke of the Week:

Did you hear about the men who stole a calendar?
They both got six months.

Video of the Week:

Huffington Post’s Funniest Parent Tweets of the Week:

Funniest Parents on Twitter

Feel good of the Week:

“I have to share my experience with y’all. So I was in Old Navy (Warner Robins) with Cole initially asleep in his car seat. A few minutes into shopping he woke up and began to get fussy..ready to eat. I proceeded back to the front of the store so I could leave my things and go get his bag when this employee stopped me to help. She asked if I wanted her to hold him while I went to the car. I hesitated at first quite naturally but accepted her help. Before I even made it to the door, Cole had stopped crying. When I returned, he was still so calm and content. She was so in love with his scent she said ‘Oh my God, you have to smell this baby’ to her coworker. I laughed. She told me she had 30 minutes of time she could care for him while I shopped. She would sit on the floor and feed him too if I got the bottle ready. I let her. She even walked around the store with him after he ate talking to him-telling him he could be a President or Teacher, whatever he chose to be and kissing him softly on his cheeks and head! I was so amazed at her sincerity and love shown towards him, I could barely focus on my shopping. After I checked out, I reached to put him in his carseat but she said ‘NO I will walk with him to your car.’ We talked for a few minutes while I got him settled in and she put his stroller away. She asked my name and told me she was Lora (Jackson I think). Said it was such a blessing to have been able to care for him while I shopped, and wished us safe travels back home. Kind is an understatement for what this woman did! And for the second day in a row I am reminded that not every one sees color!! Thank you Ms. Lora for allowing me to shop in peace today!”
Love What Matters
Credit: Danyale Peterson
Credit: Danyale Peterson

Kindness Goal of the Week:

Offer to help someone else.
Load groceries into the car of an elderly woman, provide a ride to work for someone who usually takes the bus, or offer to babysit for a friend who could use a night out. It doesn’t have to be big and they may not accept, just offer what you can.


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