Deland Ice Cream Walk

A few days ago we met up with Jen and went to the Deland Ice Cream Walk. How it works is you purchase a punch card and on the back it gives you a list of all the establishments participating in the Ice Cream Walk and a map to help you find your way around.
Most of the shops have banners or signs to indicate that you have arrived at the correct spot.
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Each shop serves you a small scoop of an unique ice cream that the company has either hand selected or made themselves.
It’s a great chance to taste different flavors of ice cream, explore a part of your town, and help support your community. This is one of my favorite fundraisers to attend every year. If your town host an Ice Cream Walk, then I definitely recommend you attend and if it doesn’t and you are looking for a fundraising idea, then you should give an ice cream walk a try!
Clearly, the littlest one loved it!
Our kids are already pretty silly, but when you add in several scoops of ice cream, the silliest went to a whole other level.
ic3 ic2
Not sure if you can tell, but that dog was dressed up like an ice cream sundae. My kids thought it was hilarious.
Let us know if you host an Ice Cream Walk Fundraiser!



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