8 Steps to Planning the Best Girls Night Out


1. Have a Definite Plan.

Have a location, activity and time. Instead of saying, “Do you want to hang out this weekend?” Say, “Do you want to go to see Kinky Boots with me at the Area Theatre, Friday night at 7?” Having a plan will excite everyone and give those who would normally say “no,” a reason to say “yes.”


2. Invite people who know each other.

 If you’re inviting Susie from yoga class, make an effort to also invite a mutual friend from class. That way everyone will feel comfortable and make the night more enjoyable.


3. Plan it on a weekday.

For a lot of people, the weekends are a time to relax, hang out with family, or catch up on house work. Planning something during the week, will not only keep the weekends free but be a welcomed break.


4. Make sure husbands have time to get home.

One of the best parts of a girl’s night out is that we can leave our spouses at home to take care of the kids.


5. Don’t put limits on what you talk about.

 It can be tempting to say, “No kid talk”, but that is just added pressure. Let the conversation flow naturally. If someone wants to talk about how cute their kids are or complain about their boss, let them!


6. Have an easy out.

 You may want to hit the town but not everyone will. Make sure there is an acceptable early end time for those who only wanted to stay out for a little while. For example, go out to eat for a long dinner and then go dancing. Those who want to leave after dinner will feel free to do so, without it being awkward.


7. Dress up.

We all love our yoga pants but we don’t necessarily feel like our old sexy and fun selves in them. Make an effort to look your best and you will probably feel a little more confident.


8. Have fun.

You deserve it!



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