Saying Thank You to the Firefighters

The Kindness Crusaders love Firefighters and wanted to show their appreciation. We decided to make thank you cards and here are the instructions for you to make your own.
Step 1: Write on the inside of the card: Thank you! You’re a life saver
Step 2: Paint hand red and press onto front of card
Step 3: Once paint is dry draw faces and fireman hats on all five fingers
Step 4: Draw a hose through all five fingers and water coming out of the hose
Step 5: Draw 2 arms on all 5 fingers, below hose
Step 6: Attach life saver candy to inside of card


General Gratitude also wanted to bring lunch to the Firefighters.
When Pizza Hut found out what we were doing, they included sweet messages inside every box!
She recruited two Kindness Crusaders (in training) to come along on this special mission.
The Firefighters were so kind and even gave the Crusaders a special tour of the fire station.
The Kindness Crusaders loved making Thank You cards and bringing lunch to the Firefighters. It was such an easy and enjoyable service project. We hope you give it a try!


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