My Kind of Monday

Issa Rae created a Go Fund Me page, with the goal of raising $200,000 to send Alton Sterling’s son to college. The campaign raised over $650,000; enough money to send not only Sterling’s 15 year old to college, but also his other children. Over 23,000 people came together to donate to the cause.
Now imagine, how much more joy that money would’ve brought, if this kind and generous deed had been accomplished before Sterling passed. What if we didn’t need a tragedy to bring us all together and instead just relied on love and human kindness?
There are currently about 254,300,000 adults living the the United States and around 69,130,000 children. The average cost of 2 years at a community college and 2 years at a state college is $25,7000 for all four years, according to Big Future. That means that if every adult paid just one dollar every year, we could afford to send 9,894 children to 4 years of college every year. If every adult donated $5, we could send 49,474 kids and if we add $15 to make it an even $20 a year, then we could send 197,898 students to college each year. And if every adult alive today donated $6,986 we could send every child in the united states today, to college.
Now obviously we would have to account for the tuition increase over the years and provide for all the children being born every day. But the point is, that it is 100% do able. If everyone gave what they could and those with higher income compensated for those with less, we could realistically provide a college education to every child in the United States. Isn’t that amazing to think about? We as a nation have so much more power when we unite, work and fight together. Today we are dedicating My Kind of Monday to a future where we all come together to make it better.
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